To Store Or To Scrap: Will Your Dirt Bike Survive Another Season?

dirt bikingIn a perfect world, your dirt bike would run perfectly forever. But this isn't a perfect world, which means it might be in your best interest to consider getting a new dirt bike rather than getting your old one ready for winter storage.

So how do you know whether it's time to get a new dirt bike or to prep your bike for storage until the snow melts for good?

Common signs your bike's dirt biking days are over

It can be hard to determine if a dirt bike, and vehicles like them, is officially ready to turn in or if a part just needs to be replaced. Sometimes all your bike is a new engine before it's right as rain.

But not all dirt bikes need a little elbow grease before they can start running again. That said, here are some of the most common signs your dirt bike may be ready for scrapping.

  1. You've been making more and more repairs. Dirt bikes, like any vehicle, need maintenance before, during, and after dirt biking season. But if you've needed to make more than one repair every season for the past few years, it may be more than the parts that need to be replaced.
  2. It costs more to repair your bike than to buy a new one. Dirt bike repairs are an investment where the ROI is adventure and adrenaline. Unfortunately, if the repairs you need to make on your bike are more expensive than a new bike, it may be a better idea to get a new bike instead of trying to keep your old one's memory alive.
  3. Your bike doesn't perform like it used to. Sometimes it takes more than a new engine to get your dirt bike revving up like it used to. If your dirt biking days aren't what they used to be, it may be time to invest in a new bike altogether.

Be sure to store your dirt bike for winter the right way

For those whose dirt bikes are still running like new, it's time to store them away for winter storage. Be sure to drain your gas or add fuel stabilizer and put fresh oil in your bike.

You also want to be sure to change the coolant, add plenty of lubrication, and to use a battery tender to keep your dirt bike's battery at a full charge all winter long.

Looking for dirt bikes for sale?

Winter is one of the best times of the year to start looking for a new dirt bike or ATV. In fact, just under 41,000 all-terrain vehicles were sold between January and March 2017. When you buy a new dirt bike or ATV in the winter, it ensures you're ready to roll once warmer weather hits without any hiccups or engine-turnovers to worry about.

Whether dirt biking, motorcycling, or snowmobiling is your forte, Nelson's Speed Shop has what you need to stay safe and secure on your ride. To learn more about our dirt biking equipment, motorcycle equipment, or snowmobiles for sale, contact Nelson's Speed Shop today.

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