The Spring ATV Maintenance Checklist You Didn't Know You Needed

atv dealer in michiganWinter is officially taking a backseat to spring, which means it's time for those with ATVs to get into gear and start prepping for springtime maintenance. Although ATV maintenance may not be as fun as taking it out on the road, ask an ATV dealer in Michigan and they'll tell you it's a necessary means to give your ATV a longer life.

To help you get a leg up in your springtime maintenance, here's your spring ATV maintenance checklist to keep your ATV in the best shape possible come summer.

Start with an oil change
Your ATV is like your car. It needs a regular oil change to keep it running smoothly. But, before you begin changing the oil, check with your owner's manual for information on the type of system you have.

This is because most, but not all, ATVs have a duel-feed system. In dual-feed systems, the transmission and engine benefit from the same oil change. In this case, it's recommended to use a complete or dual lube oil.

Don't forget to change the filter, either. When you run your oils and lubricants through a dirty filter, you contaminate the oil you just changed.

Swap out old components
While you're changing the oil on your ATV, take the time to investigate the other interior components like arrestors and plugs. Inspecting and replacing these components while you're already performing maintenance on your ATV will save you a lot of time.

What's more, inspecting your components also gives you the time to ensure you have a spark arrestor installed in your ATV if necessary. If you're not sure if your ATV already has a spark arrestors included, talk to your local ATV dealers in Michigan for more information.

Last but not least, check your tires. A regular rotation and pressure check will keep your ATV in shape for the road for at least two riding seasons before you may need to replace a tire.

It's no secret Americans love their ATVs. Compared to the 600,000 registered snowmobiles in Canada, just less than 41,000 ATVs were sold in three months just last year.

ATV maintenance may seem like a boring process, but it'll keep your machine revving up for years to come. To learn more about ATV maintenance equipment or dirt ATV equipment, contact your local ATV dealer in Michigan today.

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