Staying Classy On The Water: Leisure Boating Tidbits To Remember This Summer

boat for saleThe 4th of July is here, Memorial Day is shortly in the past, and we've got a whole bunch of balmy boating weather on the horizon this summer. The number of boats for sale surges and people get giddy while perusing the Sea Doo dealers' inventory.

The first X Games may have been in 1995, but the summer heat and ability to rip across the water gets people thinking a little more extreme than they ought to. Before you jump into purchasing that used boat for sale or that shiny new jet ski and start shredding the wake, let's look at some (sea) dos and don'ts.

It's heavy machinery
We all know how easy it is to refer to that boat for sale as a new toy, but it's hardly that. That's heavy machinery that doesn't boast the same safety features as your day-to-day car. James Bond's getaway boating stunts might look cool on screen, but we're going to tell you to steer in a different direction.

Be conscientious
You're not the only one on a boat out there, so pay attention to your surroundings. Slow down when passing docks or people in smaller vessels, keep your wake in check. Boat with traffic, not perpendicular to it. Use your safety lights, especially if dusk is approaching. Avoid boating at night, even if you have the proper lighting features. There's a lot of common sense involved in boating appropriately, but it's tough to remember, especially when boating only happens during a certain season.

Hands off the bottle
It's shocking how many people don't know that you can be arrested for Boating While Intoxicated (BWI). It's more shocking how many people disregard that fact entirely. When you're out on the water this summer, it's fine for your passengers to have a few beverages, but if you're the operator, stick to water whilst on the water.

Whether that boat for sale is your first foray into aquatic motorsports or you've been doing it since childhood, it's good to remember these few things out on the waves. That way everyone on the water is guaranteed to have a good time. Stay woke in the wake.

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