Simple Snowmobile Services You Need To Remember This Winter

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Snowmobiling season has officially begun, which means it's time to get your sled up and running or to start looking at new snowmobiles for sale. But even new snowmobiles need service work throughout the winter season.

The good news is that these two services only take about 10 minutes each to complete, so you can get back on the slopes in no time. Here are a couple services all snowmobilers need to be aware of to keep their sleds from breaking down on the trail.

Adjust your chain and change the chaincase

Your chaincase, or more specifically the chain and sprockets inside the chaincase, transmits power from the jackshaft to the driveshaft. Chaincases need around 12 ounces of lubricant to keep your snowmobile running smoothly. Like your car, you'll want to change this oil at least once a year to keep things clean and in good shape.

To inspect your chaincase, remove the cover and look at the chain and sprocket. There may be damage if the chaincase has been working with less oil than usual.

Check the nosepan for oil since this can be a sign of a leak. A leak could be caused by a bad seal between your chaincase and the cover, but it can also seep through the bearing seals. That said, run your hand over where the driveshaft leaves the chaincase to feel for any potential oil leaks.

When you've refilled your chaincase successfully, you can adjust the chain to its specifications. Your chain ought to have at least .25-inch of free play.

Inspect your exhaust system

While your chaincase only needs fresh oil once every 12 months, it's good to regularly inspect your exhaust system. This is because a lot of problems can take place around your sled's exhaust system like broken springs, crumbling mounts, or leaks in your manifold gasket.

If your snowmobile is an older model, there's a chance your engine could leak from the cylinder's exhaust manifold. Open the hood of your snowmobile to inspect your cylinders.

The manifold exhaust will need your attention if the cylinders are covered in oil. The source of the issue is typically loose hardware that's attached to the cylinder's Y-pipe.

The good news is that if the problem is your gaskets, these can be easily replaced. Gaskets may be the culprit if your snowmobile is over four years old. Remove your Y-pipe from the cylinder and clean your sled's mount surfaces before replacing anything.

You'll be able to clean up any mess the leak has left with carburetor cleaner and a putty knife. You can also use a gasket scraper if the mess is still too stubborn.

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