If You're Going to Ride, Ride Smart: Must Have Safety Gear for ATV Riders

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Hitting the trails can be a way of life, as is pulling off somewhere and going offroad. Whether you're riding dirt bikes, all-terrain-vehicle, or anything in between -- being out there is your form of meditation. If you're just a rider who likes to go fast, or maybe a hunter who likes to hit the woods prepared for anything, then you've likely spent some time researching local ATV dealers already. Yet riding an ATV can still be dangerous even for the experienced rider.

There are numerous safety recommendations that manufacturers and dealers advise you to abide by, but let's be honest, nobody follows them to the point. However, should you choose to ride on the edge of your seat (which isn't recommended), you might want to at least have the right ATV safety gear while you do it.

So next time you visit ATV dealers in Michigan, Arkansas, or wherever, be sure to pick up these pieces of off roading safety equipment for your next ride.

  1. Helmet: Wearing a helmet when you're doing anything remotely fun takes some of the fun out, right? Well, in this case, you really should just bite the bullet and throw on the headgear. A helmet is meant to protect you from a nasty fall, which if you've been on an ATV then you've probably had at least one. There are numerous helmets that are not only top of the line in safety gear but are also styled to match your riding personality. If you take your children or family out on the trails, then this is even more important.

  2. Long Sleeves: Most riders will tell you that when you're out in the brush, it can be pretty painful without proper coverage. Trail riders should wear long sleeves to protect their arms from the nasty thorns and thicket that they tear through. Plus, it adds an extra layer of protection from the not-so-wonderful (and sometimes bitey) bugs that want to tag along.

  3. Gloves: There are two main reasons why you should wear gloves when you ride (although not the only reasons): grip and protection. The last thing you want to do is lose your grip and end up landing five feet away from your ATV. Your hands can get slippery from most conditions: rain, morning dew, and sweat, so it's important to have gloves with a good grip. You'll also want them to keep your hands from being torn up if you're riding anywhere with particularly pointy objects, like the woods.

  4. Goggles: You don't have to get the ones that make it look like you're riding in a sidecar, but you should at least have a pair. Your eyes are important for some pretty important things -- like seeing -- and you should protect them while you're out riding. Even at relatively low speeds, a rock or insect flying into your eye could do some serious damage.
ATV riders are all over the United States, with almost 41,000 ATVs sold between January and March of 2017 alone. Even if an ATV isn't your machine of choice and you'd rather be motorcycling or dirt biking, or even snowmobiling -- you should always wear the proper safety gear to make sure you can keep on riding.

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