How To Prep Your Snowmobile For Riding Season

snowmobile dealer in michiganWinter might be the furthest thought from your mind, but summer is soon to wrap up and fall will be gracing us with cloudy skies and rainy days. Now is the perfect time to start getting your snowmobile ready for the season.

The last thing you want is to wait for the first snowfall to start prepping your snowmobile only to find out you have a major issue with your sled. That said, here's how you can prep your snowmobile for old man winter in the last few days of August. 

Give your snowmobile more than a once-over

Unfortunately, you can't glance at your snowmobile and say it's good to go. Conduct a visual inspection of your snowmobile to make sure some of the less-complicated parts aren't in need of some serious repair.

You'll want to check your spark plugs, adjust your track and check skis, and your electrical system. You'll also want to look at your clutches, your suspension, and your drive belt for any wear and tear that may not do you any favors once winter hits. 

Grease your suspension, steering points, and your skid if you didn't already do this before you stored your ride for the spring. You'll also want to be on the lookout for any cuts or corrosion that may be on your skis. You don't want one of your skis to break out in the snow later this year.

Make sure your snowmobile is getting enough fluids

It's a good idea to change your oil and filter before riding season the same way you'd change the oil in your car. Check your oil lines and fuel tank for any leaks or cracks. 

Even if there aren't any cracks, empty your fuel tank and replace it with fresh fuel. This will help to keep your snowmobile from suffering from performance issues once snowmobiling season is officially here.

Where can I find a snowmobile dealer in Michigan near me?

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