Don't Give Your Motorcycle The Cold Shoulder When Storing It This Winter

motorcyclingNothing beats cruising down the road on your motorcycle on a warm summer day. But, now that fall is officially here, days are starting to get shorter and colder.

With winter on the horizon, it's important not to give your motorcycle the cold shoulder. It's crucial to maintain your bike throughout the year, even when you're not riding it.

When you fail to maintain your motorcycle during the winter (even in storage) you could end up having to deal with the effects of five months of neglect come spring.

That said, here are some important tips on how to properly prepare your motorcycle for storage this winter.

Fill up your motorcycle's fluids

If you're new to motorcycling and this is your first time storing your motorcycle for the winter, it may seem counterintuitive to fill your gas tank. An empty gas tank or even one that's half-full can cause condensation in the tank while your bike is in storage.

That doesn't mean you fill the tank and leave it, though. Add the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer to your gas tank, too. 

This keeps the gasoline from deteriorating in your tank and leaving a thick layer of muck on your carburetor like the world's worst snail.

Once you've filled your tank and added the stabilizer, turn your bike on and let it run. After a few minutes, turn the bike back off. This will help the treated fuel cycle through the system.

After that's done, check your bike's coolant fluids, clutch, and brake. You'll want to refill or replace them if necessary.

Check your bike's antifreeze to keep your engine from freezing. The clutch cables, kickstand, shifter, and throttle ought to be lubricated to keep moisture from accumulating and causing rust.

Take things out and replace them as necessary

Before putting your motorcycle in storage, you want to make sure you change the oil and filter plug. This is because your motorcycle's oil becomes dirty over time due to contaminants.

When left alone for months, that oil can not only corrode your engine parts but also do some major damage to other parts of your bike.

Something else you'll want to potentially remove is your motorcycle's battery. Some motorcycles can experience a battery drain when left turned off for a long period of time.

By removing your motorcycle's battery, you're conserving its charge. Yet, you can still keep your battery in your motorcycle all winter if that's what you prefer. Just be sure to give your battery a charge once a month while it's in storage to keep it from failing.

Where can I find motorcycling equipment to prep my bike for winter?

It's no secret the U.S. loves its motorsports. Up to 215,000 people attended the X Games in 2017 alone. But winter is a whole other kind of extreme game and your motorcycle won't come out the victor if it's not prepared.

Fortunately, Nelson's Speed Shop has the motorcycle equipment you need to make sure your bike is in the best shape possible before and after winter. 

What's more, we also have snowmobile equipment so you can still experience your seasonal adrenaline rush once snow falls. To learn more about our motorcycling equipment and snowmobiles for sale in Michigan, contact Nelson's Speed Shop today. 

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