Back On The Water! 8 Tips To Get Your Boat Ready For Spring

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Spring is officially here, which means boat enthusiasts and anglers are getting ready to head out on the water in droves. Just like you prepared your boat for winter storage, you'll need to get your boat revved back up for the warmer months.

We've compiled a guide to help you make sure that your boat is ready to be back on the water so you can have fun with your friends and family all spring and summer long.

  1. Give your boat a visual inspection. Your first step when you take your boat out of stage is to do a visual inspection. Check your tarp or canvas for any tears or damage or if you covered your watercraft during the winter. These tears could be signs that you're dealing with pests. Check for cracks in the hull, damage to the paint job, and any critters that may have made their home in your boat.
  2. Wash away the winter grime. Your boat may not have gone anywhere while it was in storage, but it can still take on a lot of dust and grime in those few months. Start spring off on the right foot by washing, waxing, and detailing your boat. It's a good way to get rid of the nastiness of winter and spruce up your boat for the warmer waters.
  3. Make sure you're using the right products. It's crucial while you're cleaning your boat that you're not using non-marine cleaners. Your boat might feel like another speedster car while you're out on the water, but it's a different beast. Products used for cars and trucks can actually damage your boat's canvassing and vinyl.
  4. Check the engine. You won't be going anywhere fast if your engine doesn't run properly. Remember that fuel can become contaminated if it's left sitting for too long in your boat's tank. Drain your fuel tank and refill it with fresh fuel if you're unsure whether the fuel left over has been contaminated. Contamination happens when your fuel interacts with water, which can happen when moisture collects in a sitting fuel tank.
  5. Clear out your boat's bilge. If your boat was stored outside, rain and snow can seep into the bilge. This is the area on the outer surface of your boat's hull. You want to pump out this collected water before you put your boat on the water.
  6. Make sure your battery is charged. Just like your engine, you want to be sure your battery is working fine before taking your boat anywhere.
  7. Conduct a safety check. Even boats in the best condition need a safety check. Inspect your navigation lights, your safety equipment, life jackets, first aid kit, and horn. Everything that's required to be on your boat should be on your boat and be in great shape.
  8. Get your boat professionally serviced. It's important to have your boat's oil changed not just every year but every 50 hours of use.

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