3 Motorcycle Tips To Help You Ride Safely Under The Sun

snowmobiledealersinmichiganNow that we're in the heart of summer, odds are you've seen motorcycles out on the road more than ever. And you've probably already taken your own bike out for more than a spin.

Many motorcyclists know how to keep themselves safe on the road. They understand their bikes move faster than vehicles and break faster.

But something else you need to consider as a motorcyclist that can have a major impact on you and your ride is the weather.

Motorcyclist Vs. Summer: How To Beat The Heat
Many motorcyclists forget the danger of the summer weather. It's understandable. With so many warnings about motorcycle accidents, you're often focused on the dangers of the road.

But the summer heat can have a big impact on you as a rider, especially now that we're in the middle of it and the heatwaves aren't holding back.

To help you beat the heat and find relief on the open road, here's how you can ride safely under the sun:

  1. Stay hydrated
     With all your gear on, you can sweat an ocean while out on the road. Keep water in a hydration pack or in your bags and avoid dehydrating fluids like coffee.

  2. Wear the right gear
     It may be tempting to ride your motorcycle in just a t-shirt during the summer. But one wrong move and you can suffer worse than road burn. Be sure that you're wearing your motorcycle gear, but that you're wearing gear that's made to help you keep cool. Look for helmets, jackets, and gloves that are designed to be breathable.

  3. Make stops frequently
    It's a good idea to stop your bike every 10 to 15 minutes. Heat stress can get worse over time if you don't address it. So be sure to stop frequently, rest, and hydrate. The last thing you want to do is suffer from heat exhaustion on a moving vehicle.

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